Hi Vis Waterproof Backpack Cover User Manual

The Carribrite Hi Vis Waterproof Backpack Cover is designed to easily integrate with your current backpack to make it waterproof, protect your belongings and improve your visibility when out and about.

Fits most backpacks from 15 litre right up to 35 litres using secure straps and elasticated body.

Get seen in the dark with 6 bright red flashing LED light (3 on each side) that instantly increase your visible width.

Waterproof Backpack Cover

Installing Batteries

Remove the backpack cover from the packaging and find the small pocket on the inside of the cover. Inside houses a battery pack holder, get it out and remove the back panel by sliding it using your thumb. Insert 3 x AA batteries – make sure they’re all the right way round and replace the cover.

Next, find the battery pack switch and move it to the ‘on’ setting. Slide the pack back into the pocket and fasten the Velcro flap.

Fitting on to a Backpack

Place the backpack in front of you on a table or similar surface with the straps facing you.

Lay the cover in front of the backpack with the bottom of the cover nearest the bottom of the bag and insert the base of the bag into the bottom of the cover. Lift the rest of the cover up and over the top of the bag making sure the elasticated border is around the edges of all the sides of the backpack.

Locate all 4 straps and and fasten them together to create an X across the back of the backpack.

Selecting Setting

Press the ‘ON/OFF’ button on the front of the backpack cover to navigate the different settings. The first press will turn the lights on continuously, the next press will make the lights flash fast, the next displays slower flashing lights and the final press will turn the lights off again.

If nothings happening, make sure you’re using new batteries and that the switch on the battery pack holder is set to the ‘on’ position.