Hi Vis Reflective Socks

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  • Hi visibility, reflective socks for running, cycling and walking. Highly visible for day and night time use
  • Reflective triangles light up your ankles and really get you seen on dark nights, with 360 degree visibility
  • Made from lightweight and fast-drying fibre composition material to wick moisture away from the feet and prevent blistering and discomfort
  • Arch support, heel protection and breathable front mesh for added comfort
  • Machine washable
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The human eye is designed to detect movement, so when either cycling, walking or running constantly moving reflective ankles are highly visible and really catch the eye of drivers and other road users, making your journey, one that won’t go unnoticed.

Triangles are notoriously used on road traffic signs, so reflective triangles on our products are a logical step to warning road users of your presence – the triangles used on our socks are large but also allow enough of the hi visibility yellow to shine through, so even in the day, the socks shine bright when contrasted against the grey of the reflective material. No other sock on the market with this much reflective material allows for good vivid day time visibility too.

We’ve used leading technology and have woven lightweight and fast-drying fibre composition so moisture is wicked away from the feet to prevent discomfort and blistering. The sock offers arch support and advanced heel protection making them not only something to be seen in but also comfortable.

Please be aware, due to the nature of the reflective heat treated print on stretchy fabric, small cracks may appear, but be assured this doesn’t effect the durability or brightness of the reflective parts.

3 reviews for Hi Vis Reflective Socks

  1. Al Roberts

    Got these after receiving a special offer for them. Really happy with how they feel and the others at my running club say it looks like I’m on fire whilst running now. I’m nearly 60 so I think they’re having a laugh but at least I’m getting seen!

  2. Michelle Ellison

    I purchased these as a gift for my husband to get him seen when he’s out running early in the morning – I’ve always been a bit concerned about some of the routes he takes as they’re not very well lit. These socks have given me some piece of mind knowing that vehicles are going to see his glowing socks well before they spot him.

    They seem really well made and he claims the material doesn’t rub or feel uncomfortable, which is important for anyone’s feet when out running for long distances like he does!

  3. Andy Moral

    Perfect socks! My teen likes to cycle a lot and I wanted to get these reflective socks as a present for his birthday. As he opened it a bigger smile grew on his face, well done Carribrite!

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