About us and the backpack rain cover

Our Mission Statement

To provide effective wearable safety gear and help reduce accidents for people on the move

Hi, I’m Neil, I started Carribrite out of a desire to get cyclists seen on the roads. I’ve used many cycling safety products, such as backpack rain covers, high viz jackets and bike lights, but always wanted to create a single product that incorporated LEDs, was lightweight, highly visible and didn’t cost the earth.

After talking to cyclists, I found the main problem was that they felt they were being ignored by drivers – this was something I could relate to.

I got to work and came up with a backpack rain cover that had its own integrated lights. The first design was a very shrewd bag cover that I’d put together using a cut up hi vis workman jacket and had soldered and glued LED lights on either side of the back. The prototype wasn’t perfect, but as soon as I went on the road at night, I immediately felt safer – cars were actually giving me a wide berth and I could see drivers looking inquisitively to see what it was I was wearing.

I began working through different iterations of the design until it was near perfect, contacted a manufacturer and began producing them on a larger scale.

The feedback I’ve received from our customers have exceeded my expectations, I’ve had messages from a number of London cyclists who feel much safer on the roads as drivers are so much more aware of their presence.

Next I plan to extend the range of products and produce more high visibility gear for road users, so be sure to sign up to our newsletter to stay updated.

Backpack Rain Cover