Be a Beacon to road users

With Carribrite high visibility gear

Hi Vis Backpack Cover and Socks

You put yourself at risk when commuting and keeping fit…. It doesn’t have to be that way

Motorist can’t fail to see hi visibility wearables – they’re on you, and they’re moving, triggering the attention of all that see you.

At Carribrite we’re creating a collection of new and unique ways of getting seen.


Hi Vis Backpack Cover

Hi Vis Reflective Socks

What people are saying about our Hi Vis Gear

Really impressed with the Carribrite waterproof backpack cover, I use it daily on my commute to and from work – it demands the attention of drivers and other bike riders and makes me feel so much safer!

I’ve owned a few bag covers in the past but the quality doesn’t come near to the standard of this cover, I’m expecting it to well outlast my past purchases!


Brighton, UK

I have tried all the leading covers and this one wins easy, plus cheaper and you get the lights to REALLY get you seen!

Excellent, 5 stars plus! Alex


Very good cover. I walk the highlands of Scotland so this will be ideal. Excellent service from the seller.

Great idea for back markers on ramblers walks in the hills and when the group has to walk on roads. Waterproof as well. Made of excellent quality. Highly recommend this!

Bernadette Boulton


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